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Learner Handbook 

Learner Handbook
The information contained in the Learner Handbook has been developed to assist Learners who are undertaking a course with Delta Training to understand their rights and responsibilities. Delta Training wants to make sure that you have access to all the relevant information as you embark on your learning experience. The Learner Handbook will help you make informed decisions and understand how you can seek assistance when needed. An electronic copy of the Learner handbook will be provided when requesting information regarding any Delta Training courses.
Courses provided by Delta Training can be delivered in a number of methods.
These included;
Face to Face
Online section then Face to Face component
Online Course/Awareness (Non-accredited)
Unique Student Identifier (USI) Number
In 2014 the Australian Government passed the Student Identifiers Act. This means that as of January 1, 2015 all students undertaking nationally recognised training are required to provide their Registered Training Organisation (RTO) a Unique Student Identifier (USI) number.
What is a USI?
A USI is a reference number that gives students access to their USI account. This will allow students to see all of their training results from all providers including all completed training units and qualifications. The USI portal will make it easy to find all your vocational training activity in a single place and will make sure that your records are not lost. The USI that is issued to you is yours for life – keeping all your nationally recognised training records in one place.
When do I need to provide my USI?
On enrolment or before the issuing or your nationally recognised Statement of Attainment you will be asked to provide your USI. If you have already received your USI just enter it into the enrolment form when requested and we will verify your details with the national database. If you do not yet have a USI there are two options for you –
Option 1. You can apply for your USI by going to http://usi.gov.au/Students/Pages/default.aspx , or;
Option 2. DELTA TRAINING can apply on your behalf (please note that a fee applies for this). Just email deb@deltatraining.com.au , request a copy of the USI Form, this will emailed to you. Complete the required form, and along with your ID, send it to DELTA TRAINING at deb@deltatraining.com.au
You can also just follow the links on the DELTA TRAINING enrolment page when enrolling. )Please note: a fee of $25.00 (incl. GST) will apply if DELTA TRAINING makes the application for the USI on your behalf).
Can I get my Statement of Attainment without providing my USI?
No. We must have your USI to issue your statement so it is best to be prepared on enrolment if possible.
What forms of Identification are acceptable?
– Driver’s Licence – Medicare Card – Australian Passport – Visa (with Non-Australian Passport) for international students – Birth Certificate (Australian) *please note a Birth Certificate extract is not sufficient – Certificate Of Registration By Descent – Citizenship Certificate – ImmiCard.
What personal information will be used?
If you want DELTA TRAINING to apply for a USI to the Student Identifiers Registrar (Registrar) on your behalf, DELTA TRAINING will provide to the Registrar the following items of personal information about you: – your name, including first or given name(s), middle name(s) and surname or family name as they appear in an identification document; – your date of birth, as it appears, if shown, in the chosen document of identity; – your city or town of birth; – your country of birth; – your gender; and – your contact details.
What happens with the information I provide to DELTA TRAINING?
In accordance with section 11 of the Student Identifiers Act 2014 Cth (SI Act), we will securely destroy personal information which we collect from you solely for the purpose of applying for a USI on your behalf as soon as practicable after the USI application has been made or the information is no longer needed for that purpose, unless we are required by or under any law to retain it.

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