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Safe Working at Heights

Falls are one of the leading causes of death in in workplaces in Australia. Half of these deaths involved falls of less than three metres. Anyone that works at heights of more than two metres needs to undertake this training. It is also recommended when performing tasks that may involve shorter falls as falls from any distance can result in severe injury. This does not always involve tall areas such as roofing, ladders, or scaffolding. It is also possible to fall into trenches or down embankments.


Why choose Delta Training to run this course.


Course Units

RIIWHS204E Work safely at Heights


Up to 8 Hours


Delta Training offers this training at its centre in Euroa.

Delta Training can also offer this course onsite; where we bring our specially designed Confined Spaces/Working at Heights Trailer.

Dress Requirements

Safety shoes and appropriate clothing

Equipment Required

All training equipment provided by Delta Training

Material Required

All material is supplied including trainees guide, workbook, resource materials, assessment paperwork and administrative documentation.

Entry Requirements

Basic verbal and written English communication skills sufficient to read material and understand instruction.

Participants are required to have general good health and fitness and any pre-existing medical conditions that will affect the training must be disclosed prior to attending.

Course Description

Work Safely at Heights course is designed to help participants identify and minimise specific hazards associated with working at heights.


Upon Successful completion of this course, participants receive a statement of attainment for RIIWHS204E– Work safely at heights, and a wallet sized card outline the competencies attained.

Refresher Training

Industry recommends that a refresher course be completed every 1-2 years or whenever your employer sees fit.

What is a Working at Heights?

Working from heights means working where falling would mean falling from one level to another. Working at a height can pose a serious or life-threatening risk of injury.

Dependant on which State you are working in, there are varying definitions on what is Working at Heights, we recommend that you refer to your State’s definition of Working at Heights.

Australian Standard 1891.4 requires that any worker who works at a height above 2.0m must undertake suitable training and be protected by fall prevention / fall protection equipment. The risk of a fall also includes falling into trenches, voids or holes such as pits and Confined Spaces

Examples of working at heights includes (but are not limited to):

Working on a Roof
Communication towers
Sewer pump stations including shafts and ducts
Ladder access

This course is recommended for:

Workers who will be performing working at heights work,
Safety inspectors and Safety personnel
Maintenance personnel
Emergency services personnel (fire, ambulance, police)
OHS officers and Risk managers
Telecommunications and cable installation personnel
Transport industry workers
Any person who may have to be involved in working at heights

Course Outline

Regulations and legislation
Australian Standards
Risk assessment and hazard elimination
Correct selection and use of PPE
Fall Arrest vs. Fall Restraint
Anchor systems, selecting solid and reliable anchorage
Fall restraint systems, selection of equipment and correct use
Work positioning systems, selection of equipment and correct use
Fall arrest systems and using energy absorbing lanyards
Correct use of ladders and ladder safety training
Inspection and fitting of full body harnesses
Maintenance of equipment
Knot tying
Basic rescue from heights


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